How to deposit repay loan via MPESA Kenya Bankers

How to Deposit Money to savings account through MPESA

Kenya Bankers Sacco Paybill Number is 400444
You will need your account number.
Paybill 400444
Account Number ........................
Amount 20000
enter pin
Name will display Kenya Bankers KBSACCO

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      We have revised the Sacco loan application form and we have updated the same with the current terms and conditions with reference to the Credit policy.
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      Loan Type                  Maximum Repayment period                  Interest Rate. Afya Imara                   12 Months                                              1 % PM Express Loan              12 Months                                      ...
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      This is an account a member can open to lay a foundation for their children, who are under 18 years as far as savings are concerned. Opening an account would require filling in forms as attached and providing your child's birth certificate. You can ...

      KB CONNECT We do have a mobile APP now through which you can easily transact, check your account balances and loan eligibility. Not to forget accessing the mobile loans. Download the mobile app from the google/ Apple play store to enjoy efficiency ...
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      Main savings scheme is a member's deposit account where they make monthly contributions with The Sacco. Savings contributions can be used as either security to member's loans or guarantee to other members. Interest rebate is earned on the main scheme ...