We do have a mobile APP now through which you can easily transact, check your account balances and loan eligibility. Not to forget accessing the mobile loans. Download the mobile app from the google/ Apple play store to enjoy efficiency and reliability

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    • M-loan Repayment

      The Kenya Bankers provides a mobile loan facility at a rate of 7% p.a depending on eligibility. This loan is usually due after exactly 30 days and should be repaid using M-PESA paybill 400444 . The m-loan repayment account numbers are auto generated ...
    • How To Reset Your Mobile Banking Pin

      Dial *456*9*5*5# to allow promotional messages, then dial *293# input 99 to reset pin. Once the Pin is reset, you will receive a one time Pin through sms which you will use to log in and change to one of your choice. N.B. The Pin sent to you is a one ...
    • Can I join The Kenya Bankers Sacco online?

      Can I join The Kenya Bankers Sacco online? You can now join The Kenya Bankers Online though our Mobile app – KB Connect
    • How to Deposit Money to savings account through MPESA

      Kenya Bankers Sacco Paybill Number is 400444 You will need your account number. Paybill 400444 Account Number ........................ Amount 20000 enter pin Name will display Kenya Bankers KBSACCO
    • Jiinue Savings Account

       With Jiinue Savings Account you are able to save,apply for loan facility and withdraw the funds at your convenience. No fee is required for you to open an account. The minimum operating balance is Kes. 500 Requirements Copy of ID/ passport One ...